Звернення до ООН


United Nations Security Council

For three months, putin’s armed aggression against free Ukraine has continued, resulting in thousands of military and civilian deaths, tens of thousands wounded, hundreds of destroyed cities, towns, civilian infrastructure, kindergartens, schools and hospitals. Millions of refugees. Ukraine and its people prove their devotion to European standards to the world community at the cost of their own lives. Through the heroic struggle for every piece of their native land, the Ukrainian people prove that independence, freedom and national dignity are their highest values. Ukraine, which was not allowed into the European Union or NATO, accused of propensity for corruption, which was predicted to take over russia for several days, stopped the aggressor on its own and with its heroic struggle proved Ukrainians’ full compliance with European values and Euro-Atlantic standards. . At the cost of thousands of lives of their best sons and daughters, the Ukrainian people have stopped the spread of the russian plague in Europe.
Our country needs help now. We are grateful to the world community for the humanitarian cargo and weapons provided. But it is equally important to combine international efforts to promptly investigate russian war crimes and acts of genocide in order to bring the perpetrators to justice in a timely manner.

On September 21, 2017, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 2379 mandating the establishment of an Investigative Team to collect and preserve evidence for use in national courts of international crimes carried out by the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Resolution 2379 marks a growing trend in the United Nations’ establishment of investigative mechanisms to support the domestic prosecution of international crimes.
Resolution 2379 arises from ISIL’s armed activities in the territory of Iraq. Beginning in 2003, ISIL’s predecessor, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, launched terrorist attacks with the goal of seizing control of Sunni-majority areas of Iraq. Following the outbreak of armed conflict in Syria, the organization sought to incorporate territory in Syria and Iraq into a purportedly sovereign entity called the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.”
In its Resolution 2249 (2015), the UN Security Council found that ISIL “constitutes a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security.” In addition to its terrorist attacks around the world, ISIL imposed a repressive regime over the territory it controlled, reportedly engaging in widespread and systematic violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.
The resolution requests that the Secretary-General establish “an Investigative Team, headed by a Special Advisor” to support domestic efforts to hold ISIL accountable by collecting, preserving, and storing evidence in the Republic of Iraq of acts that may constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide. Resolution 2379 and the Terms of Reference contemplate that evidence collected by the Investigative Team may also be used in “criminal proceedings conducted by competent domestic courts and in third States.”
Please adopt a resolution on the establishment of an investigative group to collect and record evidence of war crimes by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.


The president
of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization                                                Vadym Korotun
Association of Judges of Ukraine

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